Mark Capital Resources LLC Services Terms of Service

Welcome to Mark Capital Resources LLC (hereafter referred to as "MCR" or "MCR app"). This document, along with the SFG Privacy Policy, Conditions of Use, and other rules and policies available on the website, constitutes the Terms of Service Agreement ("Agreement") governing your use of SFG's Services and Products, as well as those of its affiliates and subsidiaries, and any other affiliated entities (collectively, "Affiliated Companies").

By using any SFG Services or those of our Affiliated Companies, you, on behalf of yourself and all associated members of your business, acknowledge and agree to abide by this Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, you must refrain from using SFG Services and those of our Affiliated Companies, and you may return any Products or cancel services in line with our return and cancellation policy.
This Agreement applies to the following:

SFG Services: This includes SFG Software, Digital Content, customer support, and other related services provided to users of our Products and those of our Affiliated Companies.

SFG Software: Refers to software provided by SFG and its Affiliated Companies for use with our Products or Digital Services, excluding third-party Digital Content.

Digital Content: Encompasses digitized materials such as videos, music, apps, games, photos, audio, books, and related features and functionality, including content from third parties.

Product: Any physical product, possibly developed and manufactured by third parties, designed to facilitate access to SFG Services and those of our Affiliated Companies.

Please note that specific SFG Services and those of our Affiliated Companies may be subject to additional rules, policies, and terms, which will be applicable when you use those services.

Please read these conditions carefully.

1. Billing and Cancellation

Monthly Packages:
Billed monthly on the 1st or 15th.
Require a 2-week written notice for cancellation.
A La Carte Options:
No re-bill or future automatic charges.

2. Lead Provision and Payment
SFG's Obligation: To provide Leads to the Buyer.
Buyer's Obligation: To receive and pay for each Lead as per Exhibit A.

3. Use of Leads and Compliance
Lawful Use: Leads must be used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Prohibited Actions: Buyer agrees not to engage in specific prohibited activities (detailed list).

4. Disclosure and Handling of Lead Information
Permissible Disclosure: Conditions under which Lead Info can be disclosed.
Legal Compliance: Buyer’s responsibility to comply with state and federal laws regarding Lead use.

5. Opt-Out List Management
Record Keeping: Buyer must maintain and provide an Opt-Out List to SFG.

6. Cooperation and Information Provision
Cooperation Requirement: Buyer agrees to cooperate and provide information for compliance and security.

7. Representations and Warranties
Legal Compliance: Buyer's compliance with embargoes, export controls, and other relevant laws.
Authority and Information Provision: Buyer’s responsibility to provide necessary information to SFG.

8. Indemnification
Mutual Indemnification: Each party’s responsibility to protect against certain losses and liabilities.

9. Refund Policy
No Cash Refunds: Services to be honored with pre-paid funds.

10. General Terms
Entire Agreement: Supersedes any prior agreements.
Amendment: Terms for modifying the agreement.
Waiver: Conditions for waiver of parts of the agreement.
Non-Assignment: Restriction on transferring the agreement.
Governing Law: Jurisdiction and applicable law (State of Ohio).

11. Force Majeure
Non-Performance: Terms covering instances of non-performance due to uncontrollable circumstances.

12. Dispute Resolution and Legal Fees
Dispute Process: Handling disputes arising from this agreement.
Attorney's Fees and Costs: Terms regarding legal fees in disputes.

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